A Greek company designs and manufactures a special wheelchair that provides a solution to the problems of lifting and transporting people with mobility difficulties.

Anyone who has a person with mobility difficulties in their environment knows well that lifting and transporting them is – perhaps – the biggest problem. The practice, initially, difficulty takes on great dimensions, if one considers what immobility means for the patients themselves, but also for those who have undertaken their care.

This is the reasoning with which the Greek company Veziris Healthcare, in 1998, engaged in the design and manufacture of the special Body Up Evolution wheelchair, a product that gained international appeal.

“It is unthinkable to limit the choices of people with disabilities only around classic lifting cranes, which are difficult to use and their mode of operation is characterized by a lack of dignity for the user. With Body Up Evolution, we managed to cover not only the lifting process, but also three other basic needs, such as access and use of the WC, transport and placement in most areas of the house and finally access to a vehicle”, explains the person in charge of international sales and marketing, Manos Vezyris

The product has gone beyond the Greek borders facilitating disabled people around the world. It works in such a way as to cover four daily, different and basic needs of people with mobility difficulties as well as their assistants.

As a lifting crane: the special lifting mechanisms combined with the levers make the whole process simple and easy. The user is raised from the bed with dignity and in the natural sitting position, without hanging in the air as is the case with classic lifting cranes.

As a waterproof bathroom and wc chair: After lifting and without any conversion, it can also be used in the bathroom for any use.

As a wheelchair for indoor use or to be placed on any wheelchair: After lifting, it gives the option to be used as a wheelchair at home and, after increasing the external width, it can also place the user in a wheelchair of his choice.

For vehicle access: After lifting, it facilitates access to most Type IX cars.