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We open roads where there are obstacles!

Caring for the elderly, people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities requires exceptional dedication and skill.

This is an important function that needs patience, love and care, as well as the use of various aids to make them easier to move, with a physical burden on the caregiver.

Body Up it is not only a crane for lifting patients, but 4 aids in 1, offering beyond lifting and the possibility of comfortably transporting them safely, the use of the bathroom or wc because it is waterproof, and also their access to the car.

Who we are

4 aids in 1

It is a patient transfer hoist

Designed to allow you to rise up from the bed each day with Dignity.

It is a bath/commode chair

Body Up Evolution is made of stainless steel and is waterproof.

It is an indoor wheelchair

Why switch wheelchairs when you can do it all with one?

It provides vehicle access

Compatible with the most types of vehicles.

Thus, in addition to the relaxed daily life of the patient and his assistant, Body Up Evolution also has undeniable economic features, since it frees you from the need to purchase many expensive aids and accessories.


Popular products

Body Up Evolution has undeniable financial benefits, since it frees you from the need to purchase many expensive handicap aids and accessories. Choose the product that suits you and change your lifestyle.


I was staying at the hospital after my third serious operation on my right leg. My biggest worry was how to cope with the fact that i will have to stay in home for another six months. Luckily, i came across this magical piece of equipment after the name of “Body Up Evolution” and i felt really relieved.

It took two days to receive it after i made the order…

Kouna Maria / User from Paros

Body Up Evolution has helped me a lot.

Unfortunately, my mother got ill recently and she couldn’t stand or walk, so she had to stay in bed.
Since we received the BU, we were finally able to lift her from the bed. The first two months, she was eating at the kitchen, while sited on the BU.

Later, I managed to lift and transfer her from her bed to her favorite chair and wheelchair…

Theodora Marenti / User from Kythira

I have assembled the Body Up and started using it at once.It is perfect for what I want. It works well and is very well designed.I have used it to move my wife into and out of the car and it does this also very well.

My wife has dementia brought on by Alzheimer and it has reached the stage where she is unable to walk and is wheelchair bound…

Roy Edwards / Wife and helper from Auckland, New Zealand