Patient lifting and transfer chair/hoist BU500 with three accessories


€1290.00 – contact +302106852381 or

Body Up Compact, a waterproof, multifunctional mobility aid that can be used all day, significantly easing the daily lives of people with mobility challenges (PWD), but primarily those of their caregivers.

Included accessories: BU05L & BU09L.
Maximum user weight: 100kg

Small carton box – less shipping cost
Certifications: CE & Swiss Approval


Lift your loved one from bed to a seated “natural position” with minimal muscle effort.


With a width of just 63 centimeters, we can access most areas in the home, especially the toilet where, among other things – due to its stainless-steel construction – we can bath in a natural environment using the special, waterproof, and hypoallergenic BU-05L seat.


In a wheelchair, on the armchair, on the living room sofa, or even in the car as the Body Up Compact is compatible with most types of vehicles.

Stay there

Staying in the Body Up Compact can be a unique experience, especially if we also combine the comfortable BU09L seat.

The Body Up Compact patient lifting and transfer chair includes all the necessary accessories to transform the daily challenges of a person with mobility difficulties and their caregiver into a simple and comfortable process.